31 Days of Books

Welcome to 31 Days of Blogging! Last year I wrote random thoughts for 31 days. This year I thought I’d try my hand at creating a series. Welcome to 31 Days of Books.

31Dayers are folks that take part in the 31-day challenge to post a blog every day during the month of October. Last year I discovered them September 25th and didn’t have much time to plan, but it was a wonderful experience and an excellent challenge! I recommend it highly.

Since then I have written several series. I think creating a series is a little like writing a lesson plan or a business plan and sticking to it. It gets tough in the middle but sure feels satisfying when the project is finished …almost like the yearly National Novel Writing Month challenge in November.

I love reading. I love writing. So it seemed logical to me that I would share my many book reviews.

I do not write the normal book reviews. I do not write advertising copy. If I don’t like a book I will not review it (unless someone is offering me serious money) – I don’t like writing negative reviews. My goal is to be encouraging and to challenge others.

All the books I read for this series are mine or were borrowed from the library (Note: Inter-library loan is my friend.). One or two were given to me in exchange for an honest review (and I’ll let you know which ones).

There is a lot of variety. I hope you’ll give one or two of these reviews a read.

Thanks for visiting!

To see the other challenge I am doing go to http://domesticmobility.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_2.html

To see what National Novel Writing Month is all about, go here:https://nanowrimo.org/

To see what I wrote last year, go here: http://domesticmobility.blogspot.com/search?q=31+days

To see the 31 Dayers link-ups go to http://write31days.com/

Enjoy my book reviews!

-1- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/the-book/

-2- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/the-fred-factor/

-3- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/this-day-is-the-lords/

-4- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/507-2/

-5- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/say-yes-to-the-right-things/

-6- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/the-advantages-of-adhd/

-7- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/it-was-time/

-8- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/bad-girls-of-the-bible/

-9- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/?p=531&preview=true

-10- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/freedoms-ring-a-book-review-2/

-11- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/shh-im-trying-to-exist/

-12- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/lets-end-things-right-here/

-13- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/hidden/

-14- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/are-you-a-traveler/

-15- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/fast-fiction/

-16- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/get-real/

-17- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/the-wellness-revelation-part-2/

-18- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/the-ragamuffin-gospel/

-19- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/apron-free-cooking/

-20- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/writing-to-god/

-21- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/the-infj-handbook/

-22- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/shakespeare/

-23- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/no-plot-no-problem/

-24- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/the-10-day-detox/

-25- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/tora-fright-patches-things-up-a-story-about-forgiveness/

-26- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/fast-fiction-for-nanowrimo/

-27- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/stones-of-remembrance/

-28- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/strongs-concordance/

-29- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/so-anyway/

-30- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/katys-pick/

-31- http://www.rachelhtmendell.com/ponyo/

Thanks for joining me on this book adventure. During the month of November I’ll be quietly typing away, 1,667 words per day, until I hit 50,000.

See you!




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