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Book Review – Real Artists Don’t Starve, by Jeff Goin, Harper Collins Pubilshers, hard cover, 230 pages

Jeff Goins completely explodes the myth that artists struggle in dark forgotten hovels barely alive, working their creations in some kind of divine oblivion, hoping to be noticed one day.

Goins shows us the facts through history, research and interviews:

  • Michelangelo didn’t die poor. He was rich, and for most of his life.
  • Artists don’t create from nothing. They steal.
  • John Grisham wrote one page per day and in three years he had a novel – A Time to Kill – and all while working as a lawyer.

Some of my favorite quotes:

  • “Thriving Artists become apprentices in their crafts.”
  • “We cannot wait for our lucky break. We must continually be earning, luck may get you a break, but skill and a willingness to keep going are what will allow you to keep going.”
  • “It’s not just who you know – it’s who you can help.”

The book is full of encouragement and tips. But my favorite part of the book is “Sources.” Goins shares his research and extra notes about interviews and other tidbits – perfect for the writer (me) who enjoys learning more about the process.

To learn more about what Jeff Goins has to offer go to … and don’t forget to check out all his interviews while you’re there.

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