For this Throwback Thursday I would like to share a poem I wrote years ago that won two poetry awards. Careful. It’s cursed.


I smile
And you smile back
We talk; we get to know one another.

Then the spark,
The zap, the bing, the slam, the zing,
The twing, the flutter, the connection.

Barriers fall one by one
And we meet.
You ask for a hug
I give you a kiss.
You ask for a kiss
I spend the night.

You shower me off
But I am still there
I possess you; I wrap you in false light.

You enjoy my company. You crave my attention.
You can think of nothing else.
You lose your focus and your desire for past loves, first loves.

Forgetting your family you plan endlessly for ways to be with me.
I am a curse to you as the rest of your life drops away soul by soul.
You forget wife, children, home, cars, job, friends, hobbies,
You forget dreams past and present,

I have replaced all.
It is just you and me.

I am power, love and influence.
I am real estate, control and money.
I am political affluence, dictatorship and supremacy.

I am all you have.
I am the prostitute.

You are cursed.

(Originally published at Domestic Mobility January 26, 2009)

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