Five Minute Friday: PLACE

A place of my own

I love this place

Will you place the glass on the coaster, please

What place are you talking about? … I’m not from around here

I know the place. I grew up there. I love it and now I’m missing it.

The place where my heart grows

The place where I feel safe

The safe place

The beautiful place

The place I can call my own

Place your fingers on the screen. Hold still. The machine will take a photo of your fingerprints. You will have to wait a moment to make sure the results are readable. You may have to do it again.

Place your test face-down on my desk and leave the room quietly.

Place the hot, boiled eggs in ice water and peel them while they are soaking …

Place your butt in the chair and start writing. That’s how you do it.

But, if you place your trust in Jesus Christ, all will be well. And that’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s the hardest of all places to be, because you give up control of your life. Can any human, breathing, yearning, dreaming, give up control of the most precious gift they have?

It’s not a destination. It’s a journey. It’s a practice, like piano, dance, karate, math, writing, proper breathing … You never arrive. You just keep doing it, getting better some days, falling behind on other days.

Practice Placing …

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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: PLACE

  1. says:

    Amen to that, Lesley! It’s a daily walk … a mindful journey … keeping our heart, body and spirit in That Secret Place and letting Him lead us. Practice, practice, practice! Blessings!

  2. I like how you explored so many different uses of the word “place”, but the most important one is definitely “if you place your trust in Jesus Christ, all will be well.” That’s a constant decision, one we have to keep practising.

  3. Hi Rachel, I love this! As a past perfectionist learning to be more compassionate to herself and others, I hear this loudly: It’s a practice, you never arrive. I an honored to be your Five Minute Friday neighbor, Julie

  4. Your post takes me to so many different places! 😉 I am your FMF neighbor this week and enjoyed my visit. Have a blessed weekend.

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