Ponyo, original story and screenplay written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, published by VIZ Media, LLC 2009, paperback

If you haven’t heard of the animated movies created by Studio Ghibli you need to. This is some of the best animation there is. It rivals Disney.

My daughters discovered it through a friend. Soon they had the entire set of full-length animated movies and I watched them one by one.

The first movie I saw was Ponyo.

“Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo, fishy in the sea…” Yup. That song is stuck in my head.

Ponyo is a little fish that wants to be human. Through a series of strange events she does just that.

There are all sorts of mythical creatures that move events throughout the movie, but somehow seem plausible: The queen of the sea has lots and lots of children, the king of the sea is frustrated by all the junk he has to deal with at the bottom of the ocean, because Ponyo has turned into a little girl the balance of nature is upset, the world is almost completely covered with water, and old ladies are freed to act like they’re in their 20s again (my favorite part).

Ponyo, the book, is almost completely pictures. Even though the back-to-front format is challenging, I got sucked into the book by the fourth page.

This is a sweet, innocent book and I enjoyed it immensely.

As far as I know, first came the movies, then came the books. I also understand there is a Japanese subtitled edition of the movies, though I haven’t had the privilege of seeing them.

You can find Ponyo here: http://www.studioghibli.com.au/ponyo/

You can find the movies here: http://www.studioghibli.com.au/

Try manga. Try anime’. They open a world of magic and imagination you can’t find anywhere else.

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