Strong’s Concordance

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, by James Strong, LLD, STD, published by Thomas Nelson Publishers 1990, oversize hard-cover

I had heard of Strong’s in college, but I didn’t see a copy until I was speaking with a pastor in his office. He let me leaf through it and that was my first introduction.

As I studied the Bible more and more on my own, questioning old church doctrine and my Christian friends’ beliefs, I knew I should have a Strong’s.

Then one day an offer came in the mail – join a book club and get these three huge Bible-help books for $25. Strong’s was among them. I applauded and sent in my order.

My precious book arrived a few weeks later. I leafed through it and placed it on the shelf.

Then we moved.

I found it again a year later in a box of books at the bottom of a stack of unpacked boxes.

My Strong’s went on a special shelf. I’ll get to that soon, I promised.

One day I felt it was time. I took down my Strong’s and began to study it.

I didn’t get it. I was frustrated. I called my pastor brother. He explained it to me, but somehow my brain wasn’t holding any of the information.

My Strong’s went back on the shelf.

Then last year I was in a Bible class at Mosaic and the teacher talked about using his Strong’s Concordance. He described his study habit of sitting at a large desk with all his books spread around him in a semicircle: Bible dictionary, a book about places in the Bible, Strong’s Concordance, various versions of the Bible, etc.

My mouth was watering … all those books …

I went home and opened the book again. Still nothing.

Then last month a good friend of mine came for a visit. It was last minute, but very welcome. We talked for a long time. The subject of Bible study made the top of the list of things we discussed.

And she talked about her Strong’s like a key that could crack the code.

“Would you show me how you use it?” I asked her.

“Sure!” she said, happy to share.

She wanted to show me something she had discovered: The word for “tree” in Genesis (Tree of Life) is the same as the word “tree” for the tree on which Jesus was crucified.

And the light went on.

Now I can use my Strong’s!

Included in my edition is a humungus list of all the English words used in the Bible with numbers to show your where to find all the meanings of it in the original language, an appendix with more information (47 more words), a topical index to the Bible, a dictionary of the Hebrew Bible and a dictionary of the Greek Testament. English words come from the King James Version.

There’s information on how to pronounce Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek; special symbols, a list of laws of the Bible, Teachings and Illustrations of Christ, a topical index, the Harmony of the Gospels, the prophecies of the Messiah fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the parables of Jesus, the miracles of Jesus, prayers of the Bible and an Old Testament Chronology.

If you get a chance, take a look at a Strong’s Concordance. You may be surprised at what you discover.

There are several versions of Strong’s. Go see them at

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