The INFJ Handbook

The INFJ Handbook by Marissa Baker, published by Marissa Baker, 69 pages, e-book

Do you find yourself looking for a place to be alone, to compose yourself or to think? Do you feel different from everyone else? Do you notice things others don’t notice … and do you care about them when no one else seems to care?

That was me …

While having a conversation with a friend over coffee several years ago I was enlightened to the Myers-Briggs way of understanding people. This friend said she was pretty sure from getting to know me that I was an INFJ. I reminded her of her son, who was an INFJ.

Later I found a website – 16 Personalities – and took the short test. First it was enlightening. Yes, I was an INFJ. Then after reading the qualities of most INFJs it was revolutionary, mind blowing. How did they know? And, lastly, it was empowering. INFJs are thought of as outsiders, weird, shy, cave-dwellers, stand-offish, aloof, strange, and sometimes mind-readers.

As I continued to live my INFJ life I would occasionally ask people if they had heard of Myers-Briggs and if they knew their type.

Then one day I met my first INFJ, Marissa Baker.

A few years later she began work on a book to include some of her personality research. She writes extensively about INFJs on her blog, what it’s like to be one and how they deal with other personality types.

She asked me if I would be willing to answer a few thoughtful questions about being INFJ for the book. I was excited to be a part of it.

The book is enlightening, not because I am quoted in it, but because other INFJ folks were sharing their experiences that I can  understand. I feel lighter, understood, special.

I wasn’t weird. I wasn’t abnormal. I didn’t have to change. I could be happily me and find my comfortable niche.

Through this short book I was able to find ways to deal with other people and explain to them that this is how I am and, even though I appreciate their advice in how to me more like them, I would also appreciate them letting me be more like me.

If you are an INFJ you will understand that last statement.

No matter what personality you may be, I highly recommend this book. It reads fast, yet deep. It will help you understand yourself if you are INFJ and will help you understand others if you have INFJ friends.

Also, Baker explores all the other personality types, so I recommend going to her blog and discovering what she has to share.

And if you don’t know your personality type, go to the 16 Personalities website and take the test. You will totally thank me!

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