The Wellness Revelation, Part 2

The Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton, Founder of Revelation Wellness, published by Tyndale Momentum, The nonfiction imprint of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 245 pages, paperback

I am so glad I requested this book to review from Tyndale. I wrote a review and posted it eight weeks ago, but I wanted to actually DO the program and write a second review.

Here it is.

Most newly published books I read seem to say everything they need to say in the first three chapters. Then they just expound and expand them, with little new information.

This book (and online program) is not that way.

Each chapter is better than the last, until I am sorry that I am at the end of the book.

The questions are challenging. The method is life-changing.

My relationship with food is better – I don’t “need” like I used to – I don’t worry about not having enough.

My relationship with exercise is healthier – I’m not so driven – I don’t beat myself up when I don’t get a session in for a particular day.

Keeton presents a balanced way of looking at diet, movement, spiritual strength and growth. She leads the reader through a journey of reality.

The journey begins: “Over and over I wanted to quit. And yet this feeling of frustration was my lifesaver – it confirmed that something was off. In my exhaustion, I asked God to fix me! God, the Good Surgeon, faithfully examined my heart and pointed out the cause of my spiritual heart disease. The culprit was expectations – first of God, and then of other people. As I grew, the Lord showed me the deeper issues of my heart – that my unhealthy expectations of others developed because of my past hurts.”

Keeton urges us to admit and own up to our wounds. If we aren’t careful, the enemy will lead us to go somewhere else for comfort. But our wounds are where God can come in and change us. “When neglected, these spiritual wounds become infected and spread. Satan, the father of all lies, hopes we get so spiritually sick that he can kill us and destroy the legacy God wants to give us. He offers the bait of dark and shameful places where we find momentary relief but no freedom. While drugs and alcohol are the most obvious forms of self-medication, he will encourage our tendencies to use food, shopping, work, achievement, celebrity, media, and romantic love to numb the pain as well. At that point, our calloused hearts become desensitized to God, and we become fit for Satan’s purposes of bringing more hell to earth. The liar is not jealous for our worship; he’s jealous of God. He doesn’t care where we go for comfort, as long as it’s not to God.”

But God can heal. Keeton reminded, “Do you know that every person we meet in the New Testament who came to Jesus for healing was healed? Every one. God does not show favoritism. He is a lover of faith.”

To get well Keeton also says we must engage in the battle of the mind. It is not that we need more self-discipline. If that were so we would all have reached our goal. It is our need for dependence on God. We need to be still and know He is God. “The flesh accuses, pushes, prods, and pinches. The Spirit, who is stronger than any mental of physical muscle, does not. Scripture pictures Him as a dove – gentle and quiet.”

This book gave me balance in my thinking (I can forgive myself for my failures), in my spiritual life (I ask God if I’m not sure if I should eat), in my eating habits (I allow myself to be satisfied, not full), in my workout habits (I don’t beat myself up for not doing 10 more minutes and ironically I am moving more).

There are so many excellent quotes, I can’t list them all here, but my book is marked up for the next time I feel like I have lost the battle for wellness. This book gave me the hope I was looking for.

Most important: This book gave me peace and drew me closer to God.

Read it. Even if you do not feel led to follow the program, this book will bless you.

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