This Day is the Lord’s

This Day is the Lord’s, by Corrie ten Boom, published by Fleming H. Revell, A Division of Baker Book House Co.,Grand Rapids, Michigan, ISBN )-8007-1720-1, 200 pages, hard cover

This is my fourth year reading through This Day is the Lord’s by Corrie ten Boom. The book is a collection of short devotionals. But short does not mean weak. Each tiny lesson is packed with purpose and turns the mind inward to search the heart.

Each month is a theme of sorts. For example, October devotions focus on our daily spiritual battle and November writings deal with our preparations for Jesus’ return, forgiveness and readiness.

My brother gave me a set of tiny hard-cover books by Corrie ten Boom. I kept them lined up neatly on my shelves for several years before I finally opened one to read it. This was after I assigned my daughter the task of reading The Hiding Place and realized it had been years since I read it and could remember much about it.

In all her writings, I am continually struck by Corrie’s tenacity, determination and solid faith. In her writings she talks about her misgivings about the places God sent her. She follows that closely with how God blessed her in surprising ways when she obeyed His calling, in safe passage, in provision and in new and beautiful relationships. She shares her struggles with hard hearts. She offers encouragement with her stories of those who chose Jesus because of her work.

If you haven’t read Corrie yet, think about it. She is a wonderful person to know. I’m glad my brother sent me those books all these years ago, and I’m glad God kept nudging me to pull them off the shelves.

I have learned so much from her.

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  1. I have never read any of her books but I have heard of her often. Maybe I will check this devotional out. Thanks for telling me about it.

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