Why have I started this blog?

  • Because I can.
  • Because I want people to read what I write. This writer needs readers.
  • Because I needed a place to store my best work. I’m a freelance writer in search of the perfect job.
  • Because I needed a place to store my not-so-best work. Every writer needs an editor.
  • Because sometimes I have to vent and it’s nice to know someone out there agrees with me.
  • Because I am a forever student and I love sharing what I learn with other forever students.
  • Because if I can write, so can you. I want to inspire a world full of crazy writing warriors writing their mission, their heart, their thoughts their dreams, their battles, their stories.

There can never be too many writers.

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2 thoughts on “Why

  1. Beth H says:

    “Crazy writing warriors writing their mission,” I love it! I agree, there can never be too many writers. I look forward to reading more, Rachel.

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